Ready To Rock!

Meet the newest UKC Kid from Children’s Hospital of Orange County. She is an 8-year old girl who loves singing Disney Songs, and with her new uke, she is READY TO ROCK!



Emery my daughter loved learning and practicing the Ukulele with the music therapist while she was staying at University of Iowa for bone marrow transplant…


Isa’s Song

Isa wrote this song with me last week, prior to regaining her speech. She was struggling to walk, stand, and talk without pain and discomfort…


Eva’s Story

As I sit here typing this, Eva is upstairs practicing her ukulele. She has become devoted to the instrument. She practices every day, sometimes for hours…



My husband, Remy Barthe, playing uke for my daughter (9mths) Josephine. She’s been hearing it since I was 3mths pregnant, through almost 3mths in the NICU…


Big Jack

You guys will like this one… 5 months ago, I received a letter from “BIG” JACK through our network. Big Jack told me that he wanted to donate 15 ukuleles…