The UKC Theme Song Challenge

Facebook | Jan, 2019

Please note, this contest has ended.

Have fun – play the UKC theme song and WIN a dozen ukuleles for your kids!

It’s the UKC Theme Song Challenge

DYK – there is a brand new UKC theme song! Composed by Jay Lichty of Lichty Guitars and Ukuleles, it’s a great tune that captures the spirit of the Ukulele Kids Club!

Here is the video that started it all…

Are you ready to take the challenge? It’s easy!

  1. Get the Song Sheet on our website
  2. Play the song and record it on your phone, camera or other device
  3. Upload the song to your platform of choice: our Facebook page, YouTube, Instagram, vimeo or wherever.
  4. Issue a challenge at the end – to other MTs to upload their own, or to your friends and family to donate to the UKC at
  5. Tag UKC with #ukcthemesong, and tag the people you are challenging!
  6. We’ll find it and add it to the challenge! The videos are located on the UKC YouTube page.

The fun part is that we’re going to have an “applause meter” – so the video with the most public “thumbs up” will get a grand prize: one dozen Cloud Music ukuleles that you can use in therapy and send home with your kids!

Any questions, please let us know. Go out there and have fun!

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