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Ukulele Donations

We affiliate with music therapy programs around the world so they can identify children to receive the ukuleles and provide music therapy sessions to achieve a variety of health needs. This initiates the children on a path to wellness with music. As of 2023, the UKC has donated more than 15,000 ukuleles to children in hospitals around the world, including Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, England, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Norway, Scotland, Poland, Ukraine and all over the United States including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. In 2024 we want to reach more kids and help them use music to cope and heal.

UKC At Home

UKC At Home helps UKC kids continue their progress on utilizing music for wellness with their new uke at home or independently. The program includes FREE access to the Resource Portal, UKC Academy classes, On-Demand Ukulele Lessons with Uketropolis, and music therapy sessions with Berklee College of Music, Music Therapy. There are also resources for our Music Therapy affiliates and the ukulele community at large.

In 2022, UKC At Home had 130 new signups! We hosted 20 free UKC Academy classes taught by 5 teachers to over 328 students!

Our Sites

We support children in music therapy programs around the world. Explore our sites.

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