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Tom Bales

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our friend, community leader and the UKC Chairman Tom Bales. Tom made a profound and lasting impact on the UKC and in-turn the lives of over 15,000 medically fragile children by serving as Chairman for six years. Tom’s dedication and selflessness in volunteering with his whole heart and soul demonstrates his compassion for others and dedication to his community. Tom’s energy, passion, and kindness were infectious, and many supporters of the UKC continued on as contributors and board members because of Tom. Bringing people together to help others was his daily mission. Not only did Tom contribute to the success of the UKC, but also he brought members of his own family into the organization including his beloved wife, Connie, and his dear sister, Lynda.

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Meet Ryder T!

Meet Ryder T.! A UKC Kid Ambassador Jan 27 2021 There are kids out there that are filled with hope and positivity, those are the kids that change the world. One such kid is Ryder, he is our newest UKC Kid Ambassador and he is raising funds to help other kids in the hospital. How Ryder

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