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Pics from Jam Session

Pics from Jam Session Here are some pictures from a “jam session” that we organized between two incredibly talented patients, Brendon and Drequan. Brendon is rocking the UKC hat as well! Neither guys have gotten to have a lot of interaction with peers their own age, so it was great to see them not only …

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Josephine My husband, Remy Barthe, playing uke for my daughter (9 months) Josephine. She’s been hearing it since I was 3 months pregnant, through almost 3 months in the NICU and it comes with us to the hospital every time we go. MUSIC HEALS!!</p >

Jason’s Story

Jason’s Story Corey Bergman | Jan 13, 2015 A mom came out into the hall. She told me that her son was a musician and could I come into the room and play for him? Jason was lying lethargically in bed, taking his regiment of therapy, very sleepy and very quiet. His mom took out …

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Big Jack

Big Jack Corey Bergman | Sep 24, 2016 You guys will like this one… 5 months ago, I received a letter from “BIG” JACK through our network. Big Jack told me that he wanted to donate 15 ukuleles from his personal life-long collection directly to some of our UKC kids.You can tell from these pics …

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