Note from Jennifer, MMT, MT-BC

I just wanted to send you a quick hello and let you know how wonderful it has been to incorporate the ukuleles that you donated to CMHH.

We have given two of the five ukuleles away so far and one of those kids has even brought it back for a follow up admission! Unfortunately, neither of them were willing to have a picture taken. However, we have recently started a staff ukulele choir as a way of providing some self care for the staff working with kids. The staff performed all around the hospital earlier this week.

Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital

Some of the donated ukuleles were lent out to staff members who do not yet own their own for the performance. The staff really got a lot out of playing for the kids and other staff at the hospital. New relationships were formed between patients and nurses (they thought it was sooo cool to see their nurse playing the uke!) Thank you for all you do!

Jennifer, MMT, MT-BC
Sr. Music Therapist, Internship Director
Neurologic Music Therapy Fellow
Child Life & Expressive Therapies
Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital

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