TEDx Coconut Grove 2016 Dreams

Lewis Family Auditorium, Coconut Grove, FL | Feb 5, 2016

Corey Bergman tells how music helps and inspires, even in the toughest times, in his talk “Music Heals” at TEDx Coconut Grove 2016 Dreams.

TEDx Coconut Grove 2016 Hope Award Recipient

“Our Hope Prize winner will have the opportunity to articulate a “wish” or set of “needs” in support of their work to our audience. For TEDxCoconutGrove, we have modeled our own “Hope Prize” after the TED Prize and we hope to offer the talent, expertise, and tradition of service and community that will be present in our audience. We believe that the TEDxCoconutGrove Hope Prize will have a tremendous impact on our community just as the TED Prize has had on the world.”

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