Jason's Story

Corey Bergman | Jan 13, 2015

A mom came out into the hall. She told me that her son was a musician and could I come into the room and play for him? Jason was lying lethargically in bed, taking his regiment of therapy, very sleepy and very quiet.

His mom took out her phone to show me videos of Jason playing with his band. He was a rocker.We started to talk about his music and what kind of guitars he has… and he began to sit up in bed, eyes opening wider, smiling. Then I asked him if he would like to show me a few licks on my guitar. When he reached out to grab it, the tubes pulled on his arms and he couldn’t get them around the guitar. This instrument was just too large for him to hold. I told Jason that I would be back in just 5 minutes. I ran downstairs and brought back my much smaller “back packer” (a guitar with full neck but almost no body). Jason smiled and grabbed it from me with a certain smirk on his face. I said “let’s see what you got…” so I started playing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by George Harrison. I said to Jason, do you know the tune? He said that he heard it before (Jason is 15). So I kicked it off, and to my amazement… this is what happened… it was a miracle that Mom shot this 30 second video and gave us a release to use it one day in the future. This was about 2 years ago now… and the event that led to putting a smaller instrument into the arms of a hospitalized child.

Edda & I formed the Ukulele Kids Club one year later… enjoy this guitar genius.

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