Big Jack

Corey Bergman | Sep 24, 2016

You guys will like this one… 5 months ago, I received a letter from “BIG” JACK through our network. Big Jack told me that he wanted to donate 15 ukuleles from his personal life-long collection directly to some of our UKC kids.You can tell from these pics that these are special. We have donated these to some local hospitals… you may see them occasionally in a music therapy picture. All will eventually be gifted to an identified child…. so Jack called me up earlier today. After seeing the NBC piece, he decided he “really only needed one to play”… so Jack and I will have lunch next week for him to donate 7 more of the balance of his collection in person.

Incidentally, Big Jack is 80 years young (making him our youngest club member) and can be seen cruising around the “village” on his new Harley Davidson…he’s been uken and riding for years.

DON’T YOU JUST LOVE IT????? Bless you dear friend.

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