If you haven’t already seen, the University of Louisville Music Therapy Department is hosting a free, collaborative virtual CMTE eligible event on 10/14/2022 from 10am-4pm EST titled the UN-conference! In lieu of our national conference this year, we wanted to celebrate music therapists by offering a free chance to engage meaningfully with some of the best minds we know in music therapy! The UN-conference is different than a regular conference (virtual or not) because it values open-access sharing of information, pre-reading on topics / discussions, and then on the day-of our discussion leaders [instead of the traditional presentation style] will engage participants in robust discussions / workshops that are aimed directly at how you can apply their areas of expertise directly to your practice / life!

We already have music therapists, students, and interns from around the world already registered to attend or receive the asynchronous playback! We’d love for you to register and share with your network.

Attached is more information if you’d like to review including the schedule, discussion leaders, and how to receive CMTE credit (two options). Below is the event details in a snapshot:

  • Event: The UofL MT Department presents “UN-conference”
  • When: Friday, 10/14/2022, from 10am – 4 pm EST with asynchronous playback options
  • What: A collaborative, open-access discussion based conference focused directly on personal applications
  • Where: ZOOM meeting platform; limited room capacity, so register now to save your spot
  • Who: This awesome event is sponsored by the following awesome organizations:
  • CMTEs: Self-reporting any live attendance; or receiving full asynchronous playback post-hoc for 20 credits
  • Costs: FREE! It is our value to push for more open access in the music therapy community.
  • Register HERE
  • Topics at a glance:
    • Heartbeat Recording 101 with music cardiography pioneer, Brian H. Schreck, MA, MT-BC
    • Developing a live-in Artist-in-Residence program in a senior living facility with UofL Faculty & student panel
    • What is Musical Integrity? Honing in your clinical musicianship with AdventHealth Music Therapy Manager, Rich Abante, Moats, MA, MT-BC
    • Video Production Crash Course and MT applications with TECHNook founder, MT podcaster, and Georgia College and State University Music Therapy Clinic Coordinator, Gabby Banzon, MA, MT-BC
    • Advancing Cultural Competency: Using Self-Construal Theory to apply to your work with United Kingdom based PhD candidate and music therapist Jonathan “Jaytee” Tang, MA, MT-BC
    • Basics and Applications of MIDI: beatpads, keyboard controllers, MIDI guitars, synths and more with UofL Faculty
    • Professional networking and navigating the music therapist’s role in the interdisciplinary team with Norton Children’s Cancer Institute therapist and UofL Faculty, Brett Northrup, MT-BC
    • Basics and Applications of Music Effects Processors (i.e. guitar pedals & plugins) with UofL Faculty
    • Population focused applications:
      • Collaborative service learning with preschool educations + music therapy, University of Kentucky Music Therapy & a Local Preschool
      • New frontiers in treatment of individuals with advanced multiple sclerosis with University of Missouri Kansas City Faculty & student panel
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