Anna Kołodziej holding her Swedish Nyckelharpa

The UKC Welcomes Anna Kołodziej

UKC-Poland representative

Anna Kołodziej holding her Swedish Nyckelharpa
Anna Kołodziej

My name is Anna Kołodziej and I am an experienced musician, music teacher, and therapist based in Poland. I hold a Master of Arts in Music Education from UMCS Lublin, Poland, and have completed additional studies in Education and Revalidation of Children with Autism from WSEI Lublin in 2016, as well as Oligophrenopedagogy, UMCS, 2008.

As an educator, I specialize in working with children who have ASD and Asperger Syndrome and have worked with autistic preschoolers. I run rhythm and music classes for kids in one of Lublin’s kindergartens for kids with special needs. It is highly rewarding for me to see my students develop their musical abilities and grow in confidence, and I believe that music has the power to inspire and empower them.

Apart from music, I have a strong interest in psychology, photography, and IT, and I am constantly learning and expanding my knowledge in these fields. I also enjoy spending time working in my garden, as I find it to be a therapeutic and relaxing pastime. In my personal life, I am a devoted wife and mother of two, and I treasure the time I spend with my family. I also enjoy traveling and exploring new places, as it broadens my horizons and allows me to experience different cultures.

As a musician, I play a variety of instruments including violin, which is my main instrument, piano, Swedish nyckelharpa, Polish mazanki, sopilka, recorder, hurdy-gurdy, ukulele, and guitar. I am also a lead singer for the Saint Nicholas Orchestra, a renowned folk band from Poland. I have participated in recording several CDs and I am proud to have contributed my musical talents to these projects.


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