2023 Live From the Clubhouse

Get ready for our rockin’ summer campaign that combines the magic of music with the power of giving. UKC Live From The Clubhouse is an Instagram LIVE concert series dedicated to raising awareness and funds for medically fragile children while sharing the precious gift of music.

Tune-in and watch your favorite ukulele educators, influencers & supporters like Jiggy with Viggy (@jiggywithviggy), Sammy Turton (@4stringboy), Neal Chin (@nealchin808), James Hill (@uketropolis) and more!

By participating in these extraordinary live concerts, you not only become a part of something truly special but also contribute to the lives of those in need. Your generous donations will help support our music therapy programs around the world and give children the access to the healing power of music.

Together we can bring joy, hope, and support to medically fragile children around the world!

Meet the Performers

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