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Songs from the Heart

THEIR LIFE’S WORK Music therapist Stephanie Kawzenuk Epstein ’11 uses music to enhance her patients’ quality of life. by Christopher Baker ’07...
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Modern Hero

Congrats to Stephanie Epstein at Holtz Children’s Hospital. You remain our Modern Hero. Modern Hero | July 19, 2017 Meet Stephanie, our everyday hero...
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One Instrument At A Time

Music Therapists speak candidly about the use and value of ukuleles provided by Ukulele Kids Club. “Making a difference one instrument at...
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Luthiers for a Cause

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 15, 2017: Luthiers For A Cause Two Legendary Trees, Six World-Class Instrument Builders, Lots of Children Harnessing the Healing...
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Kendra’s Story

Hello! My name is Kendra Jennings. I am 17 and suffer from a very rare disease. I spend most of my time...
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